Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sims 3: University Life - Social Media is done from your smartphone.

I just recently got The Sims 3: University Life and I've been playing with it a little bit. It's fine. It's a sims 3 experience, aka, nothing really revolutionary. Mostly, it's a ripped expansion pack, taken right out of Sims 2 University with just a few new stuff and details changed. Meh. 

It appears, though, that EAxis* finally realized that the world has moved on and new technologies have showed up and that maybe, just maybe, a life simulator should sort of start reflecting that. 

In seasons we got online dating, now in University we get social media! Yaaaaay... it sucks. 

First of all,  most people don't write their blogs from their phones, not if they're going to write any kind of lengthy posts. It's just unfeasible. I would forgive this if we had the option of using a pc for it, but no. Sims now have smartphones and by god they're going to use them!

What EAxis considers "social media" is also very limited and leaves something to be deeply desired. Texting and blogging are the only social media options available to sims and they're as boring as they sound. Not even a Sim+ or Facesim in sight. 

Even so, this would be fine if the process of getting your sims blogging wasn't so involved. Yes, I'm complaining that is too involved, simply because like writing novels in Sims 2 Free Time (if I'm not mistaken) the involvement adds nothing to the game.

I would like it a lot more if blogging could be started with a few clicks, from the computer and actually took time. Instead we have to use the 'blog app', select new post, give it a title and it takes like five seconds for the sim to write a blog post. It's boring and those stingy followers don't even donate much! How dare they consume content for free!

Anyway, this isn't, obviously, a full review of the EP. For that, I encourage you to watch LGR's review above. 

*I will never call it Maxis, that died when EA bought it.