Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The importance of giving feedback.

On the Internet we're all creators in one form or another, either in bigger ways or smaller ways, whether you run a successful blog or just happen to comment on YouTube videos.

I've said before that one of the reasons why I like the +1 button and its cousins is because it is a cheap, effort free way to give some sort of feedback to creators of content. What I didn't say is how important that feedback is to us.

No one likes their work to exist in a vacuum. Very few people create content purely for themselves. We like what we create and we want to share it. We want to know that others are seeing it and that they like it.

Some of us even want to improve! Whether it's writers, YouTubers, artists, movie makers, it doesn't matter. We want to know where we went wrong and we want to know how we can improve.

Even big companies with multi-million dollar products, like Google, Apple, and others, want feedback. They want to know how they can make their products better so that they can keep their customers and earn more money.

There is a trend on the internet where when one company changes something and people don't like it they'll bitch and moan about it in the most generic way possible ("The new layout sucks!!1!!") without thinking about what they are transmitting. 

You know, we get it. You don't like the decision made. But you have to tell the decision makers why and no, "it sucks" isn't a why, it's an observation. Something along the lines of "because it's now harder to find X, I have to do..." is a much better way to tell creators why you disliked something.

Maybe soon I'll make a guide on how to give good feedback. It seems like the internet needs more of that.