Friday, April 05, 2013

Why I really like 'like' buttons.

There's a problems that creators face in that they don't get much feedback, or any at all. There's also a problem the audience faces that is chronicle laziness. 

I really love the 'like'-type buttons that have become so very common in the age of social media because it solves or at least eases both problems at once. Think about it.

As the audience, we often don't have anything more to say about a work other than "that was cool" and "I liked that". Of course, writing these down in a comment doesn't take much time or effort, but to me it feels a bit useless. A waste.

On the other side of the coin, as a creator I absolutely hate that type of comments. Not the sentiment behind them (I'm glad you enjoyed this thing I made), but the uselessness of it. 

That's why I love the tiny little buttons. I feel more satisfaction when someone +1s my post than when they post some random words that don't add anything to the conversation. 

What these buttons are saying, with a click, is about the same as those useless comments, only saving everyone time and effort and actually increasing the post's popularity on social media services.