Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why my blog has comments.

It seems that when I think I have stuff figured out, Google comes out with something new and that makes me change my position about stuff. Oh well, that's life. Changing and evolving in the face of new information.

Anyway, I've posted here before saying why my blog didn't have comments and my reasons still stand. It's just that now my issues with the comment system have been resolved and comments have been integrated with G+. Read more about it in this excellent Google+ Daily article.

The system still seems to be in an initial, sort of green phase. It's still a bit awkward to look at, there's no way to make it blend with your blog theme, it doesn't always accurately detect where the blog post is being discussed, etc.

I do know how Google works though and I expect we'll be seeing updates to the situation sooner or later. There's a few features people miss, such as the ability to be notified of a new comment, decent moderation, the theme thing and more, I'm sure.

I have activated mine, for now, I don't see why not give it a test run, see if I like it and if the G+ integrated comments accurately satisfy my need to have people talking in one cohesive place.