Monday, April 08, 2013

Why my blog has no comments.

You may have noticed that my blog doesn't have any comments on the pages. How hipster of me in an age when everyone and their grandma wants comments on their blogs!

"But Alex!," I hear you exclaim outraged, social media guru that you are, "Everyone wants comments because they further the discussion! So that your audience can interact with you!"

Yeah... no. Have you been on YouTube lately? Started a new blog too? First thing to hit you are the spammers, guaranteed. No one will comment on your article, unless you have some controversial opinion and they just want to tell you you're wrong. 

There's other reasons too. I don't like having to keep up with conversations in multiple places. All my posts are shared to my G+ and that's where I'd like the conversation to happen, because I just love the platform. I don't want to do it in an archaic commenting system that hasn't seen significant change over the past decade, that feels more like gluing pieces of paper in a corkboard and hoping your classmates will read them. 

This is a tiny blog that no one really reads, so, if anyone likes what I wrote, I'd appreciate it if they commented publicly on my personal G+. Link in the sidebar.