Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few Tumblr suggestions.

The following post has been cross-posted from my Tumblr. 

I was just now looking at my dashboard home button and it had a nice little red balloon proudly announcing 5. I clicked it, wondering what was going on, yet my dashboard was exactly the same as I had left it. There were no new posts or reblogs or likes.

If I check my settings, I realize that I have all notifications active. Am I receiving phantom notifications? Or was that bright little number actually indicative of something that actually happened but was invisible to me?

The Tumblr mobile app (on Android) has a separate page where all likes and reblogs are aggregated. I love this page, it shows me exactly what’s happening. There ‘s no such page (that I can find) on the web version of Tumblr.

Finding new things is also a bit of a problem in Tumblr. When I want to explore Tumblr, I either know about and use the barely useful “Explore” page or I start searching for tags relevant to what I’m looking for.

But what if I’m not looking for anything in specific? Or what if I’m looking for something very specific? 

I think Tumblr would benefit with a better content discovery page and maybe by allowing us to search two tags; for example I might want all Avengers slash, but not a specific pairing (otherwise the pairing’s tag would be sufficient). I realize I can just open two tabs and do two searches or something like that, but that’s cumbersome.

What about finding the “best” content? When you search for a tag you’ll be shown all the posts related to that tag in chronological order from newest to oldest. You can’t sort them by most liked, most reblogged or just most notes. 

I think Tumblr would only benefit from a few changes and revision to the user experience.