Thursday, July 18, 2013

Microsoft, you're doing it wrong.

Microsoft's business decisions are starting to grind my gears. They are, slowly but surely, losing market share with Windows 8 doing poorly, windows phones getting mediocre sales, the desktop computer being slowly overrun by the smartphone and tablet market and ChromeBooks, which apparently scare Microsoft. 

Competition is good in a market. It drives innovation and excellent services for the consumer. 

Microsoft's answer to competition? Instead of trying to make their services more attractive, accessible and actually useful, they go on smear campaigns (Scroogled? Do you know this guy?) and try to lock in users to their platform with nothing more than the fact that their services no longer work in others, instead of making it easier and better to use the services on their platform.

Image courtesy of  Plus500

At least they could make sure that their services actually work and are not complicated, unstable softwares that you actually pay out of the wazoo for. Right now I think I even like Apple better than I like Microsoft and, let me tell you, I do NOT like Apple. 

I guess I'll do my best to stay away from Microsoft platforms. ...Hey, game devs, did you know Linux is a fine OS?