Friday, July 12, 2013

Windows 8 and Desktop Sharing

Anyone who has touched a smartphone knows of the ubiquitous "share" button, a tiny little button which allows for easy sharing of whatever you're viewing to your favorite social networks, cloud services and more.

Recently, my mother's computer finally kicked the bucket after nearly a decade of loyal service and the new one she purchased to replace came loaded with Windows 8. I won't say what I truly think of it yet. It doesn't seem to be a bad OS, just a bit confusing.

One of the first things I noticed was that share button. It's different on Windows 8, with a cute circular design, but easily recognizable. Out of the box it only allowed me to share to email and Skydrive but I think this will change if I bother to install relevant apps. 

It touches on something I have been thinking about lately. We're in a constantly connected world and always sharing our experiences and work. On our tablets and smartphones, everyone was smart enough to realize there were benefits in including an easy way to do this but on our traditional desktops we seem to be limited to easy email share (and perhaps cloud with the relevant desktop apps).

Did microsoft manage to hit a note with the Windows 8 share button? Will the next generation of desktop OSes include easy sharing? Personally I think it will.