Monday, November 25, 2013

Circuit Scribe wants to revolutionize the way circuits are taught in schools!

Disclaimer: This blog post was entirely not paid for by anyone. Damnit.

This past few months I've been learning circuits in physics class during the first part of our semester. It's been a frustrating process, filled with diagrams, breadboards and wires crisscrossing everywhere to the point where I can't tell which one is which anymore.

Which is why when I heard about Circuit Scribe, I felt a little excited, even though I won't be learning with it (who knows, though, I might get myself one when it's available). It has the potential to revolutionize how circuits are taught because, lets face it, the current system isn't working so well.

So, what is Circuit Scribe?
Circuit Scribe is a conductive silver ink compound which allows you to write down a circuit on a piece of paper, and make it work by attaching the smaller components to the ends of your drawing. If you want one, it's $20 for the us, +  $15 for shipping outside the US. Here's the video from the Kickstarter, which you can find to your right: