Monday, November 11, 2013

Google made a change and the Internet hates it aka what else's new.

So, Google decided to do something crazy and require one of their services to connect to their already existing Google accounts. I'm talking about the new YouTube comments of course and, honestly, I don't really see what the whole fuss is about.

Yeah. People were used to having their own YouTube accounts which they used, but YouTube is part of Google and it makes more sense to have one account unifying their services, like every other goddamn company on the Internet, than to have multiple sign-ins for everything. 

Sure, it could have been done better. Yes, there are kinks in the layout and stuff that wasn't really thought through. But most of the criticisms I've heard just sounded like whinny children complaining the box on their favorite jelly just changed and now waa waa it's not the saaaame.

Like I said, there are valid criticisms out there. The new system is buggy and it has features that weren't fully thought through. Yet, this is Google and these are the first days of a transition that we're lucky is happenign like this. I'm sure it would have been a lot easier for them to just shut down the whole system for a few days and then bring it back up with the new one ready for testing and THEN release it up to the masses with no bugs or conflics with the previous system. Software is complicated though.

In the above video, Gopher makes some very valid points (and some misinformed ones), which I think +Google should be listening to. I've started to agree with him especially on the moderation and notifications aspects. I had never realized how much useless information is in them.

I guess in the next few weeks, everything will be changing gradually or people will get used to it or something, but for now, I think people should make a list of what they dislike and then post about those specific things. I'll post mine later, maybe.