Monday, January 19, 2015

Triple A is out, long live the indies!

Something is weird is happening to my gaming addiction: the newest major releases are not eliciting a response.

The last triple A release I’ve been excited about was Dragon Age: Inquisition. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, unfortunately, but from what my friends and favorite reviewers have been saying it is a pretty good game that fulfills expectations, unlike its predecessor.

Apart from that… not much else has captured my interested. Warlords of Draenor had me hyped for a bit, but now that it’s out I don’t feel any drive to play it. Haven’t heard anyone really gushing with praise or hate for it. Sims 4 came out too and that was disappointing enough I didn’t bother with it.

I don’t even really know what other titles were released. Watchdogs? Meh. Assassin’s Creed? Meh. This has been my general feeling towards triple A releases. More of the same. Shinier, yes, but without anything really new.

Then, when I look at indies, I can see where the creativity has gone. Igneos, No Man’s Sky, Coming Out on Top, Volume, Rime* and tons of others I could spend all day naming. Now I can see where the creativity went.

I suppose I can’t really blame the industry. Publishers are constantly betting on the sure thing, and the sure thing is called franchise. Better graphics, (arguably) better engines, bigger, shinier larger, with over-inflated budgets that HAVE to sell millions of copies and leave no room for new and risky ideas.

Meanwhile the indies are thriving and prospering, despite lower everything other than creativity.

It’s about time the big companies start to realize this. Franchises are cash cows, but all cows eventually die. Maybe we need another video game crash like in the 80s. I hear that turned out fantastic.

*Not sure if this is an indie but it looks like one, sounds like one, therefore it must be a duck.